Jackie's Design Tips Featured on FOX 2 
Are you ready to freshen your favorite room in your home? Jackie Schwartz provides some practical advice in her recent Style File segment on the FOX 2 Weekend Show.

Click on the link below to watch the program.

http://www.myfoxdetroit.com/dpp/morning ... n_a_Budget

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Missed Jackie on FOX 2? Watch the spring decorating segment here 
We are so excited that Jackie is the decorating expert for FOX 2's Weekend Morning Show. Her decorating debut on FOX 2 today was a big hit!

If you missed the show, here is the link.

http://www.myfoxdetroit.com/dpp/morning ... for_Spring

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Jackie's Spring Decorating Tips Debuts on FOX 2 this Sunday during the 8 am morning show 

Almost Spring!

It's hard to believe that spring is really only three weeks away. On Sunday, Jackie will be on the FOX 2 weekend morning show during the eight o'clock hour to show viewers easy ways to bring the joy of spring into their homes.

It will be fun, colorful and informative!

Jackie is a little nervous...but our staff knows she'll be great!

Send her an email at: jackie@homeinteriorwarehouse.com with well wishes and to let her know what you think.

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It's Christmas (2009) in Atlanta!  
This year I decided to attend the Market in Atlanta to purchase Christmas (yes, I'm not kidding...Christmas already) for 2009. As I wanted to expand my selection of gifts at all price points, Atlanta was the clear choice. It is the premiere gift market.

Christmas this year will be highly focused on traditional Christmas colors. It seems as if everyone takes comfort in the familiar. There will be tons of beautiful ornaments in reds, burgundys, plum and of course sparkly golds. We will also feature some very special novelty, family-friendly, less formal selections. Of course, as always, we have a few surprises up our sleeve.

I am most excited about the expanded gift selection. We will carry beautiful new candles, diffusers, travel accessories, lots of monogrammed items and so much more. There will be something for everyone.

Stay tuned for photos of new products in the coming weeks.

p.s. It was 55 degrees and sunny in Atlanta! How fun to shop in the sun.

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Spreading Holiday Cheer!  

Jackie Schwartz with Army Specialist, Cas Werda

You may remember an event we held last spring for Army Specialist Cas Werda, a 25-year-old from Novi, who was blinded while serving our country in Iraq. During that one-day event, we raised enough money to furnish his family room and living room.

Fast forward to last week when our team had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with Cas and many members of his family as we decorated his Christmas tree and added some holiday touches to his family room and kitchen.

Cas is a very special person and his message of being happy and appreciating what you have is always a precious reminder.

Emily, Cas and Natalie

Some really special Girl Scouts brought ornaments their troop made with a focus on holiday smells and sounds so Cas can enjoy them. The 5th grade troop made glittery, cinnamon scented pine cones and pipe cleaner trees with bells.

Flo and Cas Werda

Cas and his mother Flo took a quiet moment to appreciate the decorations.

The story was featured on FOX 2 and was such a warm way to start the holiday season.

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