Take down the decorations but don't take down the Decor! 
The holidays offer a valuable design lesson that we should carry with us all throughout the year.

We embellish our homes with visual delights: mantle scrapes, table centerpieces, candles, florals and all that glitters. Our rooms come alive with accessories that compliment, enhance and ultimately bring our home interior design to a whole new level of interest. But, come January we pack it all away and our rooms go back to "normal".

Why not carry the principles of holiday adornment throughout the winter season and frankly all through the year ?

Sorry, but the answer isn't leaving the tree up through the Super Bowl!

But here are some ideas to keep the cheer in your home:

1. Replace your holiday florals with seasonal florals , While holly and ornaments read Christmas, greenery and florals (fresh or fresh-looking) are timeless. Consider a mantelpiece and table centerpieces just as you would for the holidays.

2. Keep those candles glowing! We carry a variety of candle bling to transform any candle into its own mini design element.

3. Add pillows and throws! Or perhaps a new area rug and hall table to fill the void where you placed your tree. No need to return to an empty corner or unwelcome front entry!

4. Display holiday photos in a collage of beautiful picture frames to remind you of the true gift of the holidays: treasured time with family and friends. Dedicate an entire table to your collection and watch the area visually come alive!

At the HIW we're here to help you keep the holiday sparkle in your home long after the holiday decorations are packed away.

Mention this blog post and receive 25% off any of the design elements mentioned here!

Happy New Year!
Jackie Schwartz

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Refined Meets Rustic at the High Point Furniture Market  

The High Point Furniture Market is the pinnacle event to showcase all that is new in home furnishings and interior design for the coming year. I just returned from High Point, and if I could summarize the trend for you, I’d say, “Refined Meets Rustic” in both style and sensibility.

What is “Refined Meets Rustic”? On the surface, it’s the juxtaposition of classic furniture lines (chesterfield sofas, wing chairs, tufted ottomans) with natural fabrications: linen looks, weathered woods and distressed leathers. The catalog furniture retailers have been quick to create an entire “look” with this surface definition of Refined Meets Rustic.

But, the idea is so much more than meets the eye! This trend invites consumers to reconsider classic rules and the traditional formality that normally comes with classic furniture. This concept is all about mixing moods and layering effects. Crystal chandeliers can play right alongside casual, linen fabrics! And, with classic lines as the anchor, you won’t fall too far astray!

How do you know if this look is for you? Look at your own wardrobe. If you like to mix patterns and styles in your own clothes, if you aren’t afraid to ‘dress down’ a blazer with a great pair of skinny jeans, or perhaps take a simple white T-Shirt and dress it up with great jewelry, you can apply this concept to your home interior design!

If, however, you are more comfortable with a consistent ‘head-to-toe’ look you might want to stay away. Because… This look can become quite clichéd in a hurry if you buy a vignette that doesn’t flow with the rest of your home!

At The Home Interior Warehouse, we’re here to help you achieve Refined Meets Rustic. It may be as simple as helping you to mix accessories to create a more layered style in your room. We can also help you with new sofas, chairs, and tables that follow this new aesthetic. If you aren’t so sure about ‘linen’, that’s okay. We will help you with an array of fabric choices: perhaps an aged leather will work better for you!

The whole idea is choice, comfort, and a level of ‘mix’ that suits your personal taste.

Feel free to stop by and learn more about all the great finds from this year’s High Point Furniture Market. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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“Go Ahead: Walk on the Artwork!” 
It's time to give area rugs their proper respect. Area rugs are so much more than 'floor covering'. They are truly works of art! But, this is art that you can walk on!
How do you select an area rug that is right for you? Like any piece of artwork you should 'fall in love'. And, while beauty is in the eye of the beholder, here are two practical guidelines to help you find your Soul mate:

1. Start with the End: Area rugs can tie an entire room together. In this case, select all your furnishings, first. Then shop for a rug that incorporates all the colors in your room. Select a background color that compliments the main color of your room: be sure the background color is appropriate for the amount of foot traffic in the room: dark backgrounds can hide a multitude of mishaps! Don't be afraid to mix patterns: select an open patterned rug to make a space feel larger, or a tight patterned rug to cozy up a space and add interest

2. Love at First Sight: Sometimes, it's "Love at First Sight" and the rug will simply have to come first! In this instance, use your rug as your 'Painter's Palette' and source of inspiration for upholstery fabrics and wall colors. Let the rug do all the hard work for you. By using the rug’s color and pattern as a style guide, you will be amazed by how easy it is to keep a room coordinated: both by color and fabric schemes.

Here are photos of two different rooms: in one case, we “started at the end” and the area rug brought the finishing touches to a newly remodeled room. In the other case, the rug was “love at first sight” and the room came together around the rug. Can you tell the difference? I didn’t think so!

In either case, we’re here to help! The Home Interior Warehouse has literally hundreds of area rug samples to choose from across a variety of colors, styles, patterns and price points. I hope you are inspired to think of your floor covering in a whole new light: have fun walking on your artwork!

Best Wishes,


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Back from the Norwalk Pre-Market: Here's the Scoop! 

The design team from the Home Interior Warehouse is back from our trip to the Norwalk Pre-Market. Here's the scoop:

First and foremost, meeting Candice Olson was a true inspiration. She is a rare blend of engaging, down-to-earth, and downright fun personality coupled with a rare gift for impeccable design. We were particularly impressed by her concepts in space planning and storage.

An important lesson for any design job: the space plan and room flow is a critical first-step. Take the time to engage with a trained designer to help you maximize the layout and utility of your space. It is a relatively small investment that will yield maximimum return on your room design.

Candice has a "look": classic yet contemporary. But, she isn't afraid to infuse personality into special pieces in any room. Just look at the limited edition Swarovski crystal chair, that Candice featured at market! What a great conversation piece!

The Norwalk factory was filled with new introductions that broke the typical furniture cycle of: neutral, neutral, neutral! Norwalk dared to introduce color: across the spectrum and inspired from global influences. In each instance, they showed how color would work in to existing and classic neutrals. For once, we won't have a "color du jour" that will look dated in a few years!

I was left with the problem: how much product could I possibly fit into the Home Interior Warehouse? Thank goodness we have 17,000 feet of room!

Feel free to stop by, or contact us to learn more!

Best Wishes,

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Leaving for the Norwalk Pre-Market on Thursday. Can't wait to see Candice Olson! 
This coming Thursday, the design team from the Home Interior Warehouse will be heading to Norwalk, Ohio to meet Candice Olson and get a preview of her new collection from Norwalk Furniture. P.S. We'll get to see all of the Norwalk line while we're there.

Pre-Market is a great time to head to a manufacturer and see all the new product (sofas, chairs, ottomans, upholstery fabrics, you name it!) that will be debuted at the official High Point Furniture Market.

I'm a big fan of Candice Olson and her product at Norwalk so I believe that pre-market is well worth the trip!

Stay tuned as I will be sending you pictures so that you, too, can get a sneak peak at what is coming soon!

Best Wishes,


Here is a link to Candice's line at Norwalk

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