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Color, Color, Color
The First Step to the ďAhhhĒ Factor

The first, and in my opinion, most important step in creating a wonderful, soothing environment is the color you surround yourself with in your home. Those colors influence your moods and emotions. We respond to them with our hearts and our heads, so letís get personal when we talk about color.

Where to beginÖ

Nothing gives you more bang for your buck then paint, but choosing the perfect hue can be a bit intimidating. Most major paint companies now sell pint size containers of their colors so you can try several choices on your walls before committing to a final selection. I canít stress enough about the value in this step. Donít rely on those tiny paint chips. Lighting, the condition of your walls and your other furnishings all impact how that color will look in your room.
So what color to choose? Itís personal, but Iíve found most people are very consistent about what colors they truly feel comfortable with.

Do you respond to the drama and stimulation of a beautiful red, or does the cool refreshment of a spa blue sound more like you. Whatever your choice, donít be afraid of color as it sets the stage for everything else in the room. Consider what room you are choosing a color for as well. For example, a bedroom requires a more serene choice than your dining room.

Your personal ďahhĒ factor canít be dictated by a magazine. Home furnishings are an investment that should comfort us. Whatís the point of a chocolate and blue bedroom if blue has never been a color you felt comfortable with. Choose what you love and you will never go wrong.

Be tasteful, but not boring. Think burgundy, gold, cinnamon, sunny yellow, taupe, spa blue, vivid green, etc. Itís only paintÖa relatively simple element to change.

So, in short, keep these important points in mind:
1. Color is personal Ė choose what you love
2. Sample several shades on your walls
3. Take a riskÖ think beyond beige
4. If you are in a model home or a friendís home where you spot a color you love be sure to get the name

Color your world and youíll be happy you did!

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